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How to Get Candle Wax Out of Carpet?
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How to Get Candle Wax Out of Carpet?

How to Get Candle Wax Out of Carpet?

Keeping your home clean and stain-free is a near-to-impossible task. It is where we live, do things, and do regular chaos. So fetching some stains is normal. Cleaning the carpets, curtains, blinds, tiles, etc., regularly is mandatory when you have children and pets at home. Carpets are the most convenient, comfortable place to sit and lay down. These rugs can fetch stains; it is very common. 

If your carpets caught some stains, here in the forthcoming paragraphs, we are about to discuss information about removing stains. There are lots of bad stains like red wine, and candle wax seems impossible to extract. You do not need to lose hope at all. We are here to help you out with effective and efficient.

How to Get Candle Wax Out of Carpet?

  1. Remove candle spills from carpets with ease 

Removing candle spills or wax seems to be a very tough and challenging task, but we have covered this. The post helps to give the best ways to remove candle wax from carpets using different methods like heated or non-heated methods. In addition, we are here to help you out with the removal of candle wax. Let’s take a look at the required methods.

Does the candle wax leave stains behind? 

One can get rid of the spilled wax spread over the carpet easily with heat or ice. You might worry about the stains left behind after the removal. Candle wax spilled over carpets can leave stains behind if it’s not been cleaned or treated correctly. When it comes to removing wax from carpets, you can do it with simple and regular necessity things you can find at your home. Just keep in mind to not let the candle wax stay over carpets for longer. Clean it appropriately and ASAP. Removing the wax will always be the first step, and you must deal with the stain left behind. 

2. Use Heat: 

The most common and easier way to get rid of wax over carpet is through heat from an iron or hairdryer. 

  • Iron: Once the wax has been spilled, let it cool down and be hard over the carpet for one. Use a paper towel and put the same over the area where the wax spilled. Keep the iron over the paper for at least 10 seconds. Now you have to put the iron back and gently pull the paper towel. Now follow the same procedure of heating with iron to pulling the towel back again & again; until & unless the towel does not absorb the wax properly. You might notice a stain over the carpet after the removal of wax. The stain depends upon the colour of your candle. Use vinegar, baking soda, or any specific quality carpet cleaner to eliminate the stain. 
  • Hairdryer: If you take the heat as an option for wax removal, one can also use a hairdryer instead of an iron. Scratch down the wax with a blunt knife once it gets hard. You might notice some loose wax particles left over the carpet, which can be removed via vacuuming. Place a towel over the remaining wax and use a hair dryer to melt it; that towel will absorb waxily. If there is still leftover carpet, use the damp towel process repeatedly for complete elimination. At last, rubbing alcohol or carpet detergent will help resist carpet stains. 

3. Use Ice: 

If you do not want to use an iron or hairdryer; then there’s an alternate option called ice ones for the wax and stain elimination process: 

Put some ice in the zipped plastic bag. Please make sure there are no holes in the plastic bag; otherwise, it will wet your carpet. Now put the icy plastic bag over the wax to remove harder-to-harder wax substances and stains. Take a sharp knife and remove wax from the carpet. Make sure to follow the process appropriately so that the fabric won’t be compromised in the meantime process. In the procedure, some chunks or particles of wax might be left behind over the carpet, which you can vacuum later. Once the removal process is done, use quality carpet cleaning detergent to remove stains. Let the carpet dry with a clean towel.  

End Note

We hope you find the answer to “How to Get Candle Wax Out of Carpet?” The above-demonstrated information helps remove wax and eliminate stains from your premium quality carpet. There’s no need to hassle or worry whenever you are stuck in such a state. These both (Heated and Non-Heated) formulas are best to process for the job. You can take any of these methods per your choice and preferences to complete the task. Do not hesitate to play over the carpet because we have a solution for everything. 

If the case is a bit critical, experts are always available to deal with the situation. Keep your carpet looking brand new with these simple and sorted ways. Call our local expert for same-day carpet repairs and invisible mending services.

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